Business Service

On board business agent - With security  

Personally, we support your securities and valuables - Worldwide

We bring to you personally to transport the documents or valuables and deliver it personally to the world the right person. The same security agent, in which you collect valuables, provides these hours later from the recipient. How does your value delivery by vwenige hands.This guaranteed the highest security.

Transporting goods

- Contracts - securities - stocks - bonds - plans - Documents
- Manuscripts - Historical documents and securities - Confidential documents and documents - contracts for signature, others on request

Test buy, sample procurement, competition pattern
They want, for example, regional differences of competitive products analyze? Charging the business service with a product list. We buy in a specified period in the desired region's products and check on your desired date is available.

Goods care: : We move your goods in the right light! Not always, every customer visiting from their own field to create. Do you agree with us, in whatever form your product presentation. We take care of timely implementation. For recurring operations, we set up a standing and an interim one.
: The Business Service organized the return of your new customer contracts. You send us the contracts or by e-mail we get the documentation from you. We make your contracts in a specified time window, even with identification test. Your customer completes the missing data and provides the necessary signatures. We carry out the contracts immediately returned to you.