The needs of tehe customer
are our challenges. Your satisfaction and your confidence is our demand.
We introduce ourselves to the individual needs of customers, instead of them the grid's own planning even at unusual times for customers and clients to be available, namely when he needs service.
We want to affirm their enthusiasm and gain their loyalty and maintain.

The staff
are the basis of our success. They are characterized by a sound education, personal motivation, identification, creativity and technical competence. We let our employees at the company's success part of it. Your individual abilities and we demand through effective and continuous training and performance improvement and bonus systems. Our company is characterized by flat hierarchies and short decision paths. We want to help ensure that our employees with enthusiasm at the thing.

Sustainability Management
As the company has KURBO these thoughts particularly in the field of investment vehicle fleet with Euro 4 and the particulate filter implemented. The carbon dioxide emission levels of our vehicles are therefore in the best area of the current standards to be met.

We operate on the principle of sustainability management and sustainability management describes a part of the company's strategy to increase customer and employee base through targeted use of the opportunities and avoid risks arising from environmental and social developments.

The objective of sustainable development, it is the acts of individuals (people, companies, states, organizations, etc.) so that the needs of the present, without risking that future generations of their economic, environmental and social issues no longer can meet.

KURBO Businesscourier
Februar 2007
Markt Schwaben
Business Courier is the agency for B2B customers with specialty: Business Services, Direct rides, fair service, Technic vice Alser.